You might want to sign up and watch our course on how to use Ako Maps. For a quick ‘jump start’, this video will teach you how to make basic maps, and why Ako Maps help you learn.


You can search for and sign up to watch courses in the courses page. These are Ako Maps that have video lessons or presentations ‘linked’ to them, so you can see information in both formats.

If you’re on a map with a lesson linked to it, click ‘Lessons’ in the navigation bar to find them.


Ako Maps are made up of ‘nodes’ and ‘connectors’.

A node is a box about an idea or topic – it can also contain content, become a flashcard, or link to a whole other map. You can make these on your maps by double - clicking the background.

A connector is an arrow, with some extra features to support your learning. You can change how they look, add labels to them, and use them to show relationships or filter information. To add connectors to your map, click a node, then click the arrow icon. The connector will point to whichever node you click next.


You can share your maps with other Ako Map users by clicking ‘File’, ‘Share’, then typing their email address and clicking ‘Send share email’.

Alternatively, you can share your maps with people without an Ako Maps account by making it public. Click ‘Share’, ‘Change to public access’, then send the URL to anyone you like.

To learn more about sharing, you might like to visit the help map.


Once you sign up or login, you can click the question mark icon to open the ‘help map’ or send feedback.

We also have a live chat available for if you need help or have any questions you’d like help map.