Cognitive Performance Labs

Cognitive Performance Labs is a joint venture partnership with one of New Zealand’s most significant companies, Dr Kerry Spackman, and Grant Davidson.

Kerry Spackman

CEO & Founder
  • Winner of the KEA New Zealand World Class Award 2010

  • Winner of the NEEDA Award for most significant Electronic Export from NZ

  • Winner of the Senior Prize in Applied Mathematics Auckland University

  • Ph.D.Cognitive Neuroscience – Psychophysics

  • Consultant to 4 Formula One Teams over 7 years: developed aerodynamic modelling, simulation, mathematical optimisation, training F- 1 drivers and developing simulators

  • Author of No.1 bestselling book, The Winner's Bible

  • Author of No.1 bestselling book, The Ant and the Ferrari

  • Founder and Director of the NZ Government's GoldMine Project, developing electronics and mathematical analysis for NZ’s Olympic Medallists

  • Wrote and is Co-Producer for the upcoming major international movie on Einstein, Einstein’s Compass

  • Founded and Developed the Vehicle Dynamics Engineer course for Ford Motor Co. World Headquarters along with partner 3-time F- 1 Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart

  • Adjunct Professor of Empirical Metaphysics

  • Wrote and Presented the Discovery TV feature, Speed Science which has been translated and shown around the world to over 300 million viewers

Grant Davidson

Director of Software Development

    Grant’s role at CPL includes developing and maintaining the software powering Ako Maps.

    Prior to CPL, Grant lead the development of performance analysis systems for New Zealand's Olympic program.

    Grant has also worked with Kerry on a wide range of projects, including F1 track side performance optimisation software for Jaguar Racing.

    Grant has a Masters of Engineering from the University of Auckland

    Rachel Meadows

    Operations Manager

      Rachel’s role at CPL includes research, client liaison, and business analysis.

      She has conducted trials for use cases and works with CPL Studios to create educational and promotional content.

      Rachel has a BSci (Hons) in Psychology with first-class honours from the University of Auckland.

      She received the Dean’s award (Faculty of Culture and Society) in her undergraduate degree at AUT.

      Edward Chen

      Senior Full Stack Developer

        Edward is a software engineer with 13 years of experience.

        Prior to CPL, Edward has worked in a number of organizations including Kiwiplan, University of Auckland and Orion Health.

        Edward has a bachelor degree of Information System and Computer Science from Massey University and Post Graduate Diploma of computer science from the University of Auckland.

        Nick Dew

        VFX Artist / 3D Generalist

          Nick’s role at CPL includes working as a 3D generalist, VFX artist, with particular expertise in compositing and sound design.

          He has a Bachelor of Design in Digital Design from AUT, along with a background in videography, compositing, and brand ambassador work.

          Nick has received the 2019 AUT Visual Effects Award, was a finalist in The Designers Institute Best Design Awards 2019, and received a silver award in The Designers Institute Best Design Awards 2020.

          Kodie Murray

          VFX Artist / Computer Technician

            Kodie's role at CPL includes working as a VFX artist, with particular expertise in compositing, editing, and VFX.

            He has a background as an IT technician and programmer, and has produced, edited and created VFX for various projects, winning the 48 Hour Film Festival for the Taranaki Region.

            Kodie has a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Waikato Institute of Technology.

            Jordan May

            Animator / 3D Generalist

              Jordan’s role at CPL includes working as a 3D generalist, with particular expertise in animation, 3D design and VFX

              He has a background in character animation, photogrammetry and motion capture.

              Jordan has a Bachelor of Design in Digital Design from AUT.

              Gabrielle McDonald

              Illustrator / Digital Designer

                Gabrielle’s role at CPL includes creating illustrations and video assets, with particular expertise in motion design, designing graphics, and concept work.

                She has a background as a digital artist and has worked in the world of performing art.

                Gabrielle has a Bachelor of Design in Digital Design from AUT, which she completed with the Vice-Chancellor’s significant student award.